Garden City Middle School Sun Safety 2016

The Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation presented its annual Sun Safety Assembly on Wednesday, May 24th, to the Garden City Middle School's sixth grade. The program was introduced by Ms. Michelle Ingo glia, sixth grade guidance counselor. Ms. Ingoglia reminded the class of their responsibility to share with their family and friends lessons learned in the presentation. Jack Biggane, President of the foundation and Mollie's father, told the children that Mollie was also a student and enjoyed her friends and sports at the Middle School and High School. Mollie was stricken with melanoma when she was just 20 and a college sophomore. Mr. Biggane explained that prevention is necessary and early detection is important to avoid skin cancer.

"The Dark Side of the Sun" an educational video produced and created by Mollie's Fund with the assistance of MCS Advertising Company was shown to the students. Dr. Ted Daly, M.D., FAAD, FSPD, FASD, Garden City Dermatology, led the students in a lively discussion about being conscious of the damage UVA and UVB rays can cause to everyone's skin. He reiterated the necessity of sun safe behaviors: the importance of putting on enough sunscreen (SPF 30 or more) and repeating the application, especially after swimming, wearing sun glasses, hats and protective clothing and seeking shade and never using a tanning bed. Dr. Daly quizzed the students on the ABCDE's of mole identification. Moles have characteristics that may flag that they need to be further examined: Asymmetrical - irregular in shape, Borders - uneven, Color - could contain certain shades of brown, black, blue or red, Diameter - more than a pencil eraser? And Evolving - the most important, what has changed or does this lesion just feel funny? If your mole possesses even one of these characteristics, you should schedule a skin exam. Dr. Daly also discussed the increasing momentum in skin cancer diagnoses and melanoma. He told participants that years ago when he began dermatology, he rarely saw a melanoma. However, now in his practice he sees as many as three a week!

Dr. John Clarke, M.D., "The Physician Musician" performed an exciting rap song which he wrote, "Stop Melanoma!" The students enthusiastically joined by singing the chorus. The lyrics explained that anyone can get melanoma and his rap reiterated all the lessons presented in the program in a real upbeat exhilarating musical lesson.

Mrs. Lorraine Phillips, GCMS nurse, wrote a special letter to the parents about the presentation. She emphasized the importance of developing sun safe behaviors and asked them to support the lessons that were taught. Mollie's Fund also provided hats, "Have You Checked Your Skin Lately?" brochures and a download of Dr. Clarke's "Stop Melanoma!" song to all the sixth graders. The foundation thanks Drs. Clarke and Daly for so generously donating their time to support this melanoma education effort and to remind all to schedule your annual skin check at your dermatologist.

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