Computer compared photos to check for skin cancer!

Wouldn't it be great if a computer could snap hundreds of pictures of your skin lesions and then 6 or more months later compare them to see if any have changed? Well, it is here at Garden City Dermatology and is often covered by health insurance!

It takes only a few minutes to take all the photos in a special computer controlled booth. You can cover your private parts or not as the photos are only seen and compared by a computer program which compares all lesions and moles to see if any have changed.

The program will provide before and after pictures of any changing lesions to your dermatologist or other doctor (this is also used by and is available to all outside doctors) and they will then examine them to determine if they are significant and may need a biopsy (or not!).

It is a great way for patients who have had melanoma or skin cancers to track and map their moles and helps to avoid unnecessary surgery and scars.

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